bootstrap your inner inventor

rapid prototyping for the Internet of Things

metasphere is simple

It’s a responsive platform that acts as mission control for your programable hardware and software projects.


connecting and managing hardware and software has always been a difficult task

metasphere streamlines that process while giving you revolutionary control over your content.

Your back-end has never looked this good . . .

1399239875_open-boxMetasphere powers your entire project. Whether you are connecting to an Arduino for the first time, writing a mobile app, or managing hardware and software on an enterprise scale, metasphere connects all your devices and data in real-time.

code_iconManage your project through an intelligent back-end that goes beyond basic data storage. Open your project up to worlds of possibilities through our advanced geospatial engine. If your project includes hardware, software, data (or all three), then you need metasphere.

From maker to mainstream, metasphere manages everything in-between.

If you are a beginner, you can take an Arduino out of the box, use our sample code and make connections to your Arduino right through the metasphere site. If you are an expert, you can still leverage metasphere’s SDKs along side your own code. Take your projects even further and extend metasphere’s environment by writing your own plugins.


Hardware | flexibility for any skill level

There is maker in all of us, but sometimes working with hardware can be difficult. Metasphere makes it easy for software developers to create devices to enhance their world. Bootstrap your Arduino with the metasphere SDK and gain access to a higher level of development for internet-connected devices. Sensor control and data from any device can be flexibly routed to any other device or app in your metasphere account.


Software | powerful distributed processing

Built on top of a geospatial layer, we do more than just store data. Metasphere maximizes the efficiency of your mobile application by allowing you to offload processing to your metasphere interactive engine. Our SDK's make it quick and easy for developers of all skill levels to create interactive applications and games, augmented reality interfaces, hardware controllers, and more.


Control | device, content, and routing management

Metasphere features an innovative in-app content management system as part of our mobile SDK. Application developers can provide a convenient way for content managers to change copy, images, or add items to lists directly inside their app, on their device.